Sunday, 18 May 2008

CODE: G09 (RM20.00)
Age 12-18 Months.
Pink NIKE bottom tracksuit.

CODE: G10 (RM30.00)

Age 12-18 months.

Lovely baby GAP turn-up jeans with stretchable waist.

CODE: G11 (8.00)

Age 6 months up.

Pink OSHKOSH jumper.

CODE: G12 (RM40.00)

Age 12-18 months.

Pink NIKE Tracksuit.

CODE: G13 (RM30.00)

Age 12-18 months.

Pink velvet sweatsuit with diamond studded

star emblem.

CODE: G14 (RM35.00)

Age 18-24 months.

Disneyland Resort Paris size4 with George jeans.

CODE: G15 (RM40.00)

Age 6-9 months (up to 9kg).

MotherCare top (like new) with baby GAP jeans.

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