Monday, 19 May 2008


CODE: G17 (RM35.00)
AGE: 3-4 years
Top by Primark jeans by BARBIE.
CODE: G18 (RM8.00)
AGE: 18-23 month

CODE: G19 (RM8.00)
AGE: 9-12 months
By Mini Mode.

CODE: G20 (RM20.00)
Age: 3-4 years

CODE: G21 (RM8.00)
Age: 18-23 months
By Early Days.

CODE: G22 (RM30.00)
Age: 3-4 years
Top by Primark by Domino.

CODE: G23 (RM20.00)
Age: 3-4 years

CODE: G24 (RM30.00)
Age: 18-24 months
Baby LONSDALE Trainer suit.

CODE: G25 (RM35.00)

Age: 2-3 years

Top by Baby GAP Jeans by NEXT.

CODE: G16 (RM40.00)
Size 3-6 Months (up to 8kg)
Designer three piece gown by Debenham with matching cardigan made of corduroy and cotton.

CODE: G17 (RM30.00)

Size: 18 - 23 months

Adams shirt with Tiny Ted skirt

CODE: G08 (RM30.00)

Size:0-3 (up to 6kg)

Top from NEXT with Jeans from MotherCare

CODE: G09 (RM12.00)

Age: 18-23 months

Corduroy skirt with tiny flowers motifs.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

New Born to 9 months all are of good materials and used but in excelent condition

CODE: G01 (RM8.00)
Pink trouses by ELLE size: 3 months up.
CODE: G02 (RM20.00)
White dotted with a daisy at the bottom left by TU London very good condition.
Size: 0 - 3 months.
CODE: G03 (RM10.00)
Pink short-overall by TU London
Size: 0 - 3 months

CODE: G04 (RM15.00)

Three bodysuits by Little Bundle and Mothercare. (pink stripped, pink fairy dotted and white with tiny multi colour dots)

Size: 0 - 3 months or 6 kilos.

CODE: G05 (RM15.00)

Three bodysuits from high quality material by Mothercare and Early Days (multi colour dots, pink and soft blue stripes and tiny love dots )

Size: 0 - 3 months or 6 kilos.

CODE: G06 (RM20.00)
Front view of pink sleeveless gown by NEXT.
Size: 0 - 3 months

Rear view.

CODE: G07 (RM20.00)

Front view of pink sleeveless gown by NEXT with big 'diamond' encrusted love.

Size: 0 - 3 months

Rear view.

CODE: G08 (RM35.00)Combination of NEXT Longsleeves summer shirt and MotherCare Jeans.

Size: 0 - 3 months or 6 kilos

CODE: G09 (RM20.00)
Age 12-18 Months.
Pink NIKE bottom tracksuit.

CODE: G10 (RM30.00)

Age 12-18 months.

Lovely baby GAP turn-up jeans with stretchable waist.

CODE: G11 (8.00)

Age 6 months up.

Pink OSHKOSH jumper.

CODE: G12 (RM40.00)

Age 12-18 months.

Pink NIKE Tracksuit.

CODE: G13 (RM30.00)

Age 12-18 months.

Pink velvet sweatsuit with diamond studded

star emblem.

CODE: G14 (RM35.00)

Age 18-24 months.

Disneyland Resort Paris size4 with George jeans.

CODE: G15 (RM40.00)

Age 6-9 months (up to 9kg).

MotherCare top (like new) with baby GAP jeans.